Mat Wright
Sponsored athlete

Mat Wright
Meet our sponsored climber Mat Wright
Mat started climbing during 2015 at the age of 16 in South Wales, UK. Rapid development and motivation lead to him clearing out his local sandstone quarries and moving away to climb at the famous and historic crag Raven Tor, in the Peak District.
Within just 3 years of climbing, Mat had climbed boulders up to 8B+/V14 with ascents of “Serenity” (8B/V13) and “Belly of the Beast” (8B+/V14). However, bouldering wasn’t his main focus, Mat has his eyes on some short, intense sport routes at Raven Tor. During the early stages of his development, Mat put together a number of rare ascents, ticking some of the stubborn UK national trophies.
With early ascents of routes such as “Evolution” (8c+), “Make it Funky” (8c), “Mecca Extension” (8c) and “Hajj” (8c), Mat shortly began to become recognised as the young, enthusiastic Brummy who spends all their free time at Raven Tor.
The following year, Mat joined the Rock Technologies team and went on a road trip around France. The majority of this time was spent at Céüse, a huge crown of rock, overshadowing the foothills of the Alps before traveling into the Ecrin’s National Park where he made a quick ascent of the stunning and classic route known locally as “Face Bouc” (8c).
Returning to the UK, Mat has his eyes on the central prize; a route of global significance and international recognition, could it be the worlds first 8c+, or 9a? …Who knows. Mat dreamt since started climbing to have the opportunity to one day attempt “Hubble” (9a), this route needs little introduction to many climbers; “Hubble” is a myth, tackled by many of the worlds best, rarely repeated, with only a total of 8 ascents over 30 years. This would represent a challenge like no other.
Mat spent many days of 2020 trying hard to link together the difficult and complex starting bulge of “Hubble” and on September the 31st, Mat succeeded at his long-term goal and made the 9th ascent of “Hubble”, climbing his first 9a.
As September rolled into October, Mat drew his attention towards another long-term project of his, “Serenata” (8C/V15), Mat spent the whole of October trying this incredibly hard, powerful, and intense roof and after 3 years of effort, he succeeded in climbing the boulder problem on the 19th of November 2020 to become his first of the grade.
Here’s a few words from Mat about Rock Technologies:
“Rock Technologies is a fantastic brand, producing only the best product. Both the liquid chalk and the DRY5 chalk keep my skin in great condition for all my adventures and ascents. Give it a go! You’ll be amazing by both its value for money and quality!”.