Rock Technologies announces extension of our sponsored athlete program with the introduction of climbers from UK, Europe and beyond.

Welcome to Arthur Le Bris

I am Arthur Le Bris, a 20 year old French climber. I started climbing at 12 and since then have never stopped. I love outdoor and indoor climbing. I began in a gym near Paris and after 1 year I discovered Fontainebleau and its beautiful boulders. It’s where I did my first 7a at 13 years old and my first 7b, 7b+…  Currently I work hard on my next big project in Font ” Big Island ( 8c)”. For 3 years I have decided to train in bouldering and lead competitions because I love the unique atmosphere only found in competition. After competing in Regional and National competitions, last year I placed 4th at my fisrt European Youth Bouldering Cup (in Graz). This year, I placed 13th at the French Senior Bouldering Championship and I work out a lot to win World Cups and become world champion in bouldering. 

Welcome to Max Howarth

My name is Max Howarth and I’m 18 years old.
As of right now I’ve been climbing for around 3 years and I believe I’ve made a lot of progress during that time. Highest grade climbed is V10 (but I’m sure I’ll be getting V17 In no time 😉 )
I would say I’m a more dynamic climber, learning every day and improving skill levels with every route. Since recently finishing my A level exams I’m ready now more than ever to crush some sick boulders all around the world.
Instagram – max.haworth_climbing

Welcome to Jay Williams

I’m Jay Williams from South Wales aged 20. Although I have been climbing for a short period of time, I have fully been immersed in the sport since the day I started.
I’m so thankful I’ve found something that truly makes me happy, whilst also allowing me to better myself physically and mentally!
Favourite climbing area is North Wales for the quality of rock and the impressive scenery. It has it all.
My favourite memory is my first 7a which spurred me on to train harder and push myself further.
When a move feels impossible then turns into a reality, this is what drives me on and to keep pushing my limits.
My personal target is to complete one of my dream boulders in Black Velvet Canyon, Sleepwalker -8C+/V16.

Welcome to Lauren Martin

My name is Lauren, but I tend to go by Loz. I’m an architectural designer living and working in London, UK. I’ve just finished my masters degree in architecture at Greenwich University and am continuing my studies at Cambridge University next year.
I grew up in Tunbridge Wells around the southern sandstone, but wasn’t introduced to it until I turned 24, which is actually when I found climbing.
I started climbing when I was struggling with my mental health and a friend recommended exercise through climbing. This was almost three years ago now, and I’m convinced it saved my life. 
I’m now training to compete in the next British Bouldering Championships, Ninja Warrior UK and complete my projects in Fontainebleau by fall. 
My current projects in Fontainebleau are Yoga, Coup de Tonnere and Le Surplomb Feuilleté gauche (départ bas), however I’d like to revisit Albarracin and venture to Magic Wood this year too.

Welcome to Anita Aggarwal

Anita first tried climbing back in 2008. However, in 2009 Anita was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and decided to stop climbing. Anita then took up climbing seriously in 2016 when she discovered para climbing. I have been running my own business as a para climbing coach for 6 years now – known as the INCLUSIVE CLIMBING COACH based out of the Midlands UK area.
I want to inspire the people I coach and mentor as it can transform your lifestyle. It’s a form of physiotherapy for me and enables me to cope with my condition better. Now I am able to compete at a high level and show my ability to the world. 
I have a unique style of coaching, I draw the best from you and look at how you climb and adapt the basic climbing skills to your body and abilities. I am also on the GB Climbing Team UK and have just returned from the IFSC World Cup in Innsbruck with a broken thumb and 5th in the World (yes I did compete with a broken thumb).
I am passionate about climbing and climbing is my life. Competing for GB Climbing, traveling the country to coach my clients and helping people to learn to climb is a true passion.
Image courtesy of Sam Pratt Sam Pratt (@samm_pratt)

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