Rock Technologies announces expansion of our sponsored athlete program with the introduction of climbers from UK, Europe and beyond.

Welcome to Irish Youth Climber
Sean Henchion


  • Double junior Irish champion 2023 (B+L)
  • Junior British lead champion 2023
  • Member of Irish youth climbing team 
  • 4 nations lead 2023: 1st
  • 4 nations boulder 2023 : 2nd
  • Youth climbing series grand final : 1st , 2nd , 3rd ( 2016, 17, 18)
  • Welsh lead champion 2023
  • Scottish lead runner – up 2023
  • Cork youth climbing club captain 2023
  • 8a+ sport 

2024 goals

  • Irish senior champion(s) “24
  • European cup podium 
  • World Youth championships finals 
  • Climb 8b on sport 

Long term goals 

  • Be the first Irish sport climber to qualify for Olympics 
  • Be the first Irish 9a climber
  • Climb and make friends with even more international climbers 
  • Become a distinguished ambassador for sport / competition climbing for Ireland

Welcome to GB Para Climber
Martha Evans

Hi, I’m Martha Evans and there’s more to come in my bio shortly….

Welcome to GB Para Climber
Bella Walsh

Hi, I’m Bella and I’ve been competing as part of the GB Paraclimbing team in the AU2 category since 2016 having been undefeated in national comps since 2015 in my category.
My most recent competition results include placing 5th at the World Cup in Innsbruck last year, missing finals by half a point and placing 7th at the World Championships, again missing finals by a painfully narrow margin.
This year I’ve got my sights set on a spot in finals at Innsbruck, as well as a hopefully medal at the European Championships. Getting so close last year has really filled my drive to train even harder and I’m really hoping it all pays off this summer!
When I’m not busy juggling training and comps with working in a climbing wall, I can occasionally also be found outdoors climbing on actual rocks, something I am hoping to spend more time on this year.
With regards to international competition dates, I am currently looking at Innsbruck World Cup in June and Villars European Championship in August, with a potential 3rd comp in France which is still tbd on date and location. 
Shorter term I am also planning to attend the next 3 rounds of the Kendal Mountain Masters bouldering competitions to compete in their open para category.

Welcome to GB Para Climber
James Rudge

My name is James Rudge and I am into my 5th year on the GB Paraclimbing team. I also run a not-for-profit climbing business, helping to develop inclusion in the community and creating an awareness that climbing is for everyone.
I was born without the lower part of my left arm and have seen the power of using my own experiences to act as a role model for young people and to help develop Paraclimbing as a sport.
I compete at competitions internationally and am very grateful for the support I get from Rock Technologies.
Partnerships like this help make this journey possible.

Welcome to Athlete Arlo Rogers

I am Arlo, a climber based in South Wales. I mainly sport climb and have climbed multiple 8c+ as well as onsighting 8a+ and flashing 8b. Although I primarily sport climb, I’m also passionate about UK Trad climbing as well having onsighted ‘From a distance’ (E7) and a lot around E6 as well as headpointing point blanc E8 in a session. I have also really enjoy bouldering too and have climbed a few boulders around 8A+ in a range of styles.

I am currently studying dietetics at Cardiff Met Uni and do a lot of route setting at various walls including various flashpoints, redpoint, boulders and Warwick sport. I also coach youth teams at Flashpoint Cardiff and Warwick Sport climbing wall where I started climbing.

This coming year I have quite a few big goals including climbing seleccio natural 9a at Santalinia and Promotion Canne a Peche at the same grade in the Verdon Gorge. I also have my heart set on headpointing the big issue e9 in pembroke and bouldering 8B+.

Welcome to French Athlete Kaina Viviand

I started climbing when I was six and I’m currently with Bron Vertical. I joined the Pôle Espoir in Voiron in 2019 and am currently training in Toulouse for my studies.  

International Results:
Victory in the European Youth Cup in lead in 2023
Podium (3rd) European Bouldering Cup (U18) in 2022
5th in the European Cup for Difficulty (U18) 2022
7th in the European Cup of Difficulty (U18) 2022
Semi-Final European Bouldering Championship (U18) 2022
Qualified European Championship in Difficulty (U18) in 2022
Qualified European Championship in Difficulty (U16) in 2020
Qualified European Bouldering Championships (U16) in 2020
Qualified European Cup in difficulty (U16) in 2020
Qualified for two European Bouldering Cups (U20) in 2023  

National Results :  
U20 French Lead Champion 2023
U18 French Bouldering Champion 2022
French Cup victory in difficulty (U18) 2022
Podium (3rd) French Bouldering Championship U20

Welcome to French Athlete Thomas Le Rolland

My name’s Thomas LE ROLLAND, and I’m a 19 year-old French climber. I’ve been practicing climbing for 12 years, and I compete now in bouldering and lead climbing.

Bouldering is my favorite one. I reached the 20th place in France in the U20 category.  I won the departmental championship last year and I will compete this year in senior categorie !

In Lead climbing, I began practicing when I was 7, in which I ranked 20 in the French Cup, taking place during the World Climbing Cup in Briançon. in France, I’m in the top 20 lead climbers.

I recently changed coach and I’m now coached by Ludovic Laurence, previous coach of the French and Belgium teams who won world cup in 90´s. I then called on him to meet my high-level objectives ! My objective is to wear my country’s jersey ! I’m sure I’ll get there and my motivation is flawless for this project ! I have many bouldering projects, or mythic routes I’d like to climb, and my ultimate dream is to be one of the French climbing team members in the Olympic Games in 2028 … I just did my first outdoor 8a(V11) outdoors called “rainbow rocket”. The first of many others that I plan to do. 

Welcome to German Youth Athlete Janne Eisenkolb

My name is Janne Eisenkolb, born 16.08.2007. I live in Hanover and I love climbing. When I was five years old, my parents took me to the “Escaladrom Block:werk” in Hanover for the first time. This is one ofthe first bouldering gyms in Germany. Today I am 16 years old and go to the eleventh grade of the “Elsa Brändström” grammar school in Hanover. My grade point average is 2.0 and I want to take my Abitur in four years.

I am supported in the German junior national squad NK2 and in the North German climbing squad and I am a multiple North German champion. I climbed several podiums at the German Youth Cup last year. This enabled me to qualify for the European Youth Cup in bouldering and lead.
At the European Youth Cup Lead I came 15th and in bouldering 14th.
With that, I won one of the three starting places in bouldering at the European Youth Championships. There I reached 16th place and was thus the best German starter in the Youth B category. This year, I also qualified for several European Youth Cups in bouldering and took 14th and 18th place at these, which made me the best German in the youth A at both competitions. I also made it to the final of my first German Championship in the adult category in lead, finishing in 7th place.
I am also active on the rock, but I have not yet been able to fully test my limits in this area.
My most difficult lead route on rock that I have been able to climb so far was the 8b “Indian Summer”
in the Allgäu, which I did on my second attempt, and in Briançon I managed “Raicing in the Street” and several other 8b routes. When bouldering on the rock, I have so far managed many 8a’s including “SuperSupernova” in Magic Wood and for example the 8a “Entwash” in Brione.

Welcome to GB Athlete Sebastian Musson

2021 – 2023 British National Champion and world number 4.

I’m Seb, a GB Paraclimber. Having been born without a left hand, this has made me determined to achieve my dreams. Climbing has given me a platform to push my physical and mental ability to its limits. Giving myself a challenge is what spurs me on to achieve my goals. 

In 2023 I am now at the start of my international paraclimbing journey. With recent achievements being, 2021 at the age of 15 I won my first GB national competition, inspiring me to go further. I then became GB national champion in 2022 for the second time which has lead me to being selected to represent Great Britain in the 2023.
This is an amazing opportunity to have, especially at the age of 17 and being the youngest on the team. 

As I continue to train hard for this opportunity in the coming months, I hope to raise funds to help with the travel expenses associated with national and international competitions. All competitions are all self funded, which is especially hard as a student hoping to go to university next year. 

Welcome to Noe Moutault

My name is Noé, I’m 20 years old and I’ve been climbing since I was a kid. I’m very passionate about climbing, both bouldering and lead, in competition and outdoor. In terms of performance, I’ve achieved two 9a climbs, including a first ascent, as well as several 8c and 8c+. In bouldering, I have three 8b’s to my credit. In competition, I have a 2023 southern semi-final bouldering title and reached the semi-finals at the 2022 French bouldering and difficulty championships. In the youth category, I’ve won a European champion title in difficulty, several European podiums and reached a final at the world championships.

My goal is to qualify for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games. To achieve this I’m 100% committed to my training and I’ve adapted my studies to focus on climbing first. This season, my goal is to join the French team and take part in the World Cup circuit.

Rock Technologies is the only chalk that suits me, particularly liquid chalk (because it’s the only one that really fits on my hands). I use a lot of chalk every day for training and I like to have the most suitable equipment for me so that I can perform as well as possible.

Welcome to Max Howarth

My name is Max Howarth and I’m 18 years old.
As of right now I’ve been climbing for around 3 years and I believe I’ve made a lot of progress during that time. Highest grade climbed is V10 (but I’m sure I’ll be getting V17 In no time 😉 )
I would say I’m a more dynamic climber, learning every day and improving skill levels with every route. Since recently finishing my A level exams I’m ready now more than ever to crush some sick boulders all around the world.
Instagram – max.haworth_climbing

Welcome to Jay Williams

I’m Jay Williams from South Wales aged 20. Although I have been climbing for a short period of time, I have fully been immersed in the sport since the day I started.
I’m so thankful I’ve found something that truly makes me happy, whilst also allowing me to better myself physically and mentally!
Favourite climbing area is North Wales for the quality of rock and the impressive scenery. It has it all.
My favourite memory is my first 7a which spurred me on to train harder and push myself further.
When a move feels impossible then turns into a reality, this is what drives me on and to keep pushing my limits.
My personal target is to complete one of my dream boulders in Black Velvet Canyon, Sleepwalker -8C+/V16.

Welcome to Lauren Martin

My name is Lauren, but I tend to go by Loz. I’m an architectural designer living and working in London, UK. I’ve just finished my masters degree in architecture at Greenwich University and am continuing my studies at Cambridge University next year.
I grew up in Tunbridge Wells around the southern sandstone, but wasn’t introduced to it until I turned 24, which is actually when I found climbing.
I started climbing when I was struggling with my mental health and a friend recommended exercise through climbing. This was almost three years ago now, and I’m convinced it saved my life. 
I’m now training to compete in the next British Bouldering Championships, Ninja Warrior UK and complete my projects in Fontainebleau by fall. 
My current projects in Fontainebleau are Yoga, Coup de Tonnere and Le Surplomb Feuilleté gauche (départ bas), however I’d like to revisit Albarracin and venture to Magic Wood this year too.

Welcome to Anita Aggarwal

Anita first tried climbing back in 2008. However, in 2009 Anita was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and decided to stop climbing. Anita then took up climbing seriously in 2016 when she discovered para climbing. I have been running my own business as a para climbing coach for 6 years now – known as the INCLUSIVE CLIMBING COACH based out of the Midlands UK area.
I want to inspire the people I coach and mentor as it can transform your lifestyle. It’s a form of physiotherapy for me and enables me to cope with my condition better. Now I am able to compete at a high level and show my ability to the world. 
I have a unique style of coaching, I draw the best from you and look at how you climb and adapt the basic climbing skills to your body and abilities. I am also on the GB Climbing Team UK and have just returned from the IFSC World Cup in Innsbruck with a broken thumb and 5th in the World (yes I did compete with a broken thumb).
I am passionate about climbing and climbing is my life. Competing for GB Climbing, traveling the country to coach my clients and helping people to learn to climb is a true passion.
Image courtesy of Sam Pratt Sam Pratt (@samm_pratt)

Welcome to Ben Pestell

Hello I’m Ben and am currently a third year physio student in Sheffield.
I started climbing five years ago, but only started progressing significantly after moving to the climbing Mecca of Sheffield for University.
I primarily boulder outside, however I do also dabble in competitions.  I find enjoyment in climbing primarily due to the friends and community, however I am also motivated by my competitive nature and drive to climb hard.
I am incredibly injury prone and therefore I don’t really have a long-term goal other than just trying to stay healthy and learn to love the permenant rehab.
I do have my eye on a few boulders for the future such as “Thick end of the wedge” -V11 and “The Boss” -V13.”

Welcome to Teresa Coimbra

I’m Teresa Coimbra, known as either TCPC5525 or Teresa City of Portugal and I’ve been climbing since 2013. Although I wasn’t as focused then as I am now, those early years with a great teacher behind me really ignited my passion for climbing.
I used to be a sport climbing competitor, but since moving to Sheffield for my further studies, I have become obsessed with the outdoors and with trying new types and styles of climbing, from bouldering to crack climbing, there really is no limit to the many types of climbing. Lastly, I just want to say although when I was growing up, a girl in climbing wasn’t seen as well as now, I still know some minorities still feel the societies expectations.
Therefore, please remember to be kind to yourself and follow what you love, because it is your life and your choice!
Stay Psyched!

Welcome to Arthur Rebollo

Hello! I’m Arthur Rebollo, I am 17 and I started climbing 8 years ago. I tried many sports before and didn’t liked any of them. But when I started climbing I knew that I would never drop it. I started training for comps a year ago, when I moved to Paris. I am training very hard to achieve my dreams and chose to take a gap year to focus on climbing.
I really like slabs, I feel that everyone can do whatever beta he wants to top the boulder, a lot of things can work. My nightmare is compression and power moves, I am working on it. but I’m still not good at it😂.
My goal is to get into the French climbing team this year as I came really close last year, both in boulder and lead. My best results are 2nd at a French bouldering cup and 3rd at a lead one. I hope to take my ticket to the international season this year!!
Rock Technologies wish Arthur good luck acheiving his goals.

Welcome to Arthur Le Bris

I am Arthur Le Bris, 20 years old and a French climber. I started climbing at 12 by chance because no one in my family climbed. Since then I have never stopped climbing. I love outdoor and indoor climbing. I began in a gym near Paris and after 1 year I discovered Fontainebleau and its beautiful boulders. It’s where I did my first 7a at 13 years old and my first 7b, 7b+.

Currently I work hard on my project in Font ” Big Island ( 8c)” and I hope I can manage to do it next winter. For 3 years I have decided to train in bouldering and lead competitions because I love the unique atmosphere that we only find in competition. After competing in Regional and National competitions last year I placed 4th at my fisrt European Youth Bouldering Cup (in Graz). This year, I placed 13th at the French Senior Bouldering Championship and I work out a lot to win World Cups and become world champion in bouldering.