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Magic Wood by Orrin Coley

After having had 4 previous trips to Magic Wood I had already found my way through most the climbs I could do in a relatively short space of time. Most of what remained for me were climbs I deemed close to or above my current limit. So the aim was 2 weeks, with only one goal in mind. “New Base Line” 8B+.

Arguably one of the best and most sought after 8B+’s in Switzerland, if not the world. I had completed all the moves during previous trips, but this time I had the challenge of putting it all together in one go.

With the time pressure of only 2 weeks I had to be focused and dedicated. It was hard work, there are always new distractions to be found, such as “Psych Club” 7C+ which I managed the first ascent of while there. In the end, after 6 days of work I managed to complete the climb the day before our flight home. A perfect end to the trip.

Magic Wood (Averstal)