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Monk Life 8B+ by Orrin Coley

Monk Life is a very basic style climb, there’s no revolutionary tricks to the moves or secret beta.

Simply put it just a hard climb.

The first few moves clock in at around 7B/C Boulder. Involving a super narrow mono that is too small to properly fit in a finger, a small “chicken head” hold about the size of a 2p coin and a poor crimp.

This sets you up for THE move, one of the most well known hard moves in the country. A massive deadpoint to a small left handed crimp, taking a big cut loose in a near iron cross position. This is where the difficulty lies of the climb. Then a few simple moves on good edges lead you to the finishing jug at a worrying height.

Kyloe in the Wood

Kyloe in the Wood has a history of hard and classic climbs, from boulders to hard trad.

One of the more well known is Andy Earl’s “The Prow” E9 7A, although these days those strong enough and brave enough highball boulder it at around 8A.

One of the other BIG challenges is Malcom Smith’s “Leviathan” 8B+ (or maybe 9a route?) which is a full on traverse of the main crag. Then you are left with some of the “lower grade” classics of the crag “Cubby’s Lip” 7B+, The “Yorkshireman” 7C+ (7B Stand) and “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” 7C+ (7A+ Stand) which belong on any aspiring boulderers tick list.